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Meredith sings All I ask of you on YouTube

2021 Spring Wildlife in Fairfax VT

Foxes at Home Birds at Home Deer at Home

2023 Ben and GrandPa go to ArborTrek

2023 Ben and GrandPa go to ArborTrek GNP1 DNP1

ArborTrek is an outdoor adventure destination in Jeffersonville Vermont with zip lines, obstacle courses and climbing adventures. My grandson Ben wanted the great adventure and I was selected to join him.

2020 Trip to California Yosemite, Napa, Pacific Coast

2020 California Trip GNP1 DNP1

Not sure we could have timed this any better. We left for California the last week of June, just as things were starting to open up after the Covid-19 shutdown and returned to Vermont on July 1, about a week before California started to clamp down again. We were lucky enough to spend 3-4 days in Yosemite and Napa. On our way to San Francisco to fly home, we stopped at Armstrong Redwood State Park and drove the the Pacific Coast Highway (US-1) and saw tremendous beauty on our way.

Family Reunion in Chatham October 5-7 2018

Chatham Family Reunion GNP1 DNP1

South Africa July 20 to July 26 2016

South Africa Greatest Hits GNP1 DNP1

Glacier National Park June 11-18 2016

Our First Day in Glacier National Park. Around McDonald Lake
Day 2 Horseback Ride, Cedar Loop and Avalanche Gorge
Day 3 Drive to Canada, Bowman Lake, Mule Deer at McDonald Lodge
Day 4 Drive to East Glacier: Two Medicine
Day 5 Saint Marys Lake, Many Glaciers, Hike to Ptarmigan Falls, Saint Marys Falls, Virginia Falls and our first Grizxly Bear
Day 6 Native Guided Tour and our second Grizxly Bear
Day 7 Road to the Sun, Red Tail, Baby Bald Eagle, and Grown Bald Eagle on the Flathead.

Sammy the Dog. May 15, 1995 to June 3, 2011

A Happy Little Girl Sammy with a stick

Sammy left us around 6pm on Friday June 3, 2011. She had an event around noon on Friday the 13th of May which left her with an inability to balance. It was a sudden onset and had the signs of Peripheral Vestibular Disease, which will often go away as quickly as it comes. Unfortunately, after three weeks it started getting worse, not better, which indicates the inner ear inbalance was probably caused by a tumor.

Sammy was the best little girl dog in the universe and until she went deaf a couple years ago, that was something she heard almost every day. As a puppy her enthusiasm was amazing. She loved the English language so much she would just devour books (literaly). When I would come home from school each night she would be jumping up and down like she was on a pogo stick so that for a fraction of a second I would be looking at her eye to eye. She was fast and quick. So much so that even rabbits would be aware.

Sammy grew to be a great old dog. She was full of love to the last and she is very sorely missed.

I think Meredith said it best, "If we are put here on Earth for a purpose, I don’t think she could have done any better". If Sammy’s purpose in life was to bring joy to those around her (with perhaps the exception of the aforementioned rabbits, squirels and mice) then indeed it could not of been done better.

I will miss you my friend. We will all miss you

May 27, 2011 Victoria Graduates from Med School

Victoria with Diploma Victoria and David

WOW!!! Victoria graduates from the University of Colorado Medical School.

May 8, 2011 Jasper and Zephyr at Play

Watch them Run Zephyr standing up for himself.

Zephyr and Jasper get to play in the sand for the first time since last fall. It looks like they had a little energy to expend. They just ran and jumped and played.

2010 Roberts Family Reunion. Chatham, Cape of Cod, MA

Marge, Meredith, Victoria, and Benjamin 4 Generations of Roberts Women, and Baby Benjamin

The Gang got together in Chatham MA. A good time was had by all and the food was amazing.

Welcome to the World

Victoria, David and Baby Boy Baby Cummings

Benjamin Sinclair Cummings. Born on St. Patty's Day 3/17/2010 at 8:38 am (MST). Benjamin weighed in at 8.0 lbs and 21.5 inches. If you click on either image, I'll show you all of the pictures I"ve got.

What's been going on Lately?


2010:10:30 10:45:16


2010:10:30 10:43:23


2010:10:30 10:45:06


2010:10:30 10:45:16

Happy Holiday!!!!

Happy Holidays. See our two happy studs. See how they smile. They are such good boys. So Gentle and loving. Many of the Photos in this collection were taken by David Cummings on his new Canon Rebel. Thanks alot David.

Jessie and Avishay Get Married in Key West

Jessie Roberts and Avishay Benjamin were married Sunday 10-18-2009 in Key West Florida. I think it is safe to say a good time was had by all.

2009 Robert Burns Night in Chicago

Sandy and Susan Marshall invited us and Victoria and Dave to join them for their Robert Burns Night Celebration in Chicago. It is hard to believe that these events can keep getting better, but this year proves it can be true. Thank you Sandy and Susan not only for the magnificant whisky but for the opportunity to make new friends and feel like we have a family in Chicago.

2008 Christmas at the Cape

We spent Christmas at the Cape in Marilyn and Gene's new house. We spent so much time with family it made leaving Vermont (even for Christmas) worth it.

Watch the Video of our awesome Vacation Skiing. Some parts of Vermont ( erh Jay Peak) received 5 feet of snow during the early days of the Vacation.

Thanksgiving With Victoria and Dave (and gang) in Colorado

Meredith and I got to fly to Colorado to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with Dave and Victoria at their new home in Louisville. On Wednesday, Dave and I took a Drive up to Estes Park which is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Thursday we had dinner with 6 friends of Victoria and Dave. What a wonderful group of friends and how very lucky we were to be with them. Click either image or here to see the pictures

Friday we had to fly back to Vermont, but not without taking bunches of pictures of the new Colorado Spruce tree in the backyard. Thank you so much Sandy and Susan.

Victoria and Dave Get Married

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Sweet Sambuca Spice

Sweet Sambuca Spice Born 6/11/2008
Video of Sambuca's First Journey out of the Barn (18 hours)

Allegra June12, 1976 to July 18, 2008

Allegra came to our Barn just in time for Thanksgiving 2006. She was full of Love and Joy until the very end. She enriched our lives and freely gave her love and joy to all who met her. Thank you Deb for allowing us to share in Allegra's life.

She has gone home now, where every day is Apple Day.